Alt-Right Rehabilitates Hitler



The Alt-Right is a political sandbox that creates tools to reverse WHITE GENOCIDE.  One tool is the Dennis Wise documentary called Adolf Hitler: the Greatest Story NEVER Told. The British basked in the notion that the sun never sets on the British Empire. They had no problem conquering the world. In the Boer wars, they invented the concentration camp to starve Dutch women and children. France ran white supremacy in half of Africa. America launched the dubious Spanish-American war and slaughtered 100,000 Philippine natives for fun. By 1914, vulture empires conquered the world and were circling Germany for their next kill.


World Wars I and II were genocidal wars against Germans and were all for nothing. Cecil Rhodes and his Rhodes mafia wanted to put all habitable land under the British Empire. This English faction started the Boer War and WWI. His Roundtable Group is, today, the Council on Foreign Relations, which supported wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and sought confrontation with Russia. Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton knows this from his mentor Carroll Quigley, who revealed this mafia to the world. President Kennedy knew this faction as a secret society and ruthless conspiracy with vast resources.


By the end of WWI, Germany was divided and occupied. The Versailles treaty demonized and dispossessed Germans, made them slaves for reparations, subjected them to ethnic cleansing and genocidal policies in French and Polish occupation sectors.


58,000 German civilians were murdered before WWII started. As such, Hitler evicted Poland from German soil. Can you sit there in a self-righteous way and condemn Hitler, when British war guarantees assured these murders? Likewise, to spread communism, Stalin massed massive offensive forces to invade Europe in August of 1941. Hitler knew this and launched a preemptive strike; as he did in France to avert British invasion. History notes Hitler's numerous peace offers were rejected by the genocidal empires.


How do the genocidal empires explain firebombing civilization to save it? How do they explain the mass rapes of German women and girls? How do they explain using famine as a war weapon? How did the Soviet gulag liberate Poland and Eastern Europe? Incinerating whole cities in Japan fits the pattern of imperial lust for genocide. Hitler’s Germany was the last man standing in a world of slave colonies. The vulture empires demonized Hitler to mask their own crimes and imperialist sickness. The greatest generation of dupes served monsters Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin.  


Nationalism is good. Adolf Hitler was a nationalist. Adolf Hitler is good. He restored a German-serving government to protect blood-Germans and evicted foreign powers from traditional German soil. What should a good shepherd do, but weed the weeds, mend the injured, and fight the wolves? Hitler did not trigger WWII. The imperialist empires set triggers to maintain a genocidal status quo.


Joseph Goebbels was right. Blood Germans still exist, but the vulture empires collapsed under the weight of their own lies. The Soviet Union, a Jewish creation, collapsed. The French empire caved to African nationalism. The British Empire imploded. Everyone gained self-determination, except, blood-Germans who are occupied to this day, still demonized and enslaved. The US controls German media and schools to brainwash Germans. It is genocide.


We deserve historical truth not war propaganda. A recent historian noted that Americans won the war, but Germans won the glory. The German cause was right, just as the America First cause, to isolate America from war in Europe, was right.


Hitler believed in Fortress Europe to protect Europe from Bolshevik and refugee invasion. He believed that German families should have blood-German children to avert demographic decline. Why import foreign workers when you have your own children? Hitler rejected globalist debt-slavery, the sickness of modern art, and communism long before Ronald Reagan. Hitler rejected animal cruelty, yet is portrayed as a sadistic villain. This caricature of Hitler’s evil must be retired because the historical facts and context do not support it.


Unlike Japanese in America, Jewish Bolsheviks were a raging threat in Germany, starting mutinies, uprisings, and civil war to depose the Kaiser and reduce Germany to communism. They already deposed the Czar and were building and running gulags across Russia. They deposed the Bavarian government, which in proportion, would be like the Southern Confederacy falling to communism. Panic swept Germany. Jews were a clear and present danger to Germans. In the US, Japanese never made a peep and were interned. Germans had a duty to arrest and isolate Jews to save themselves.  Communism is the slavery of mankind to Jews; it is Jewish imperialism. Communism killed some 200 million people in the last 100 years. Hitler had a duty to stop it. This duty is demonized as hate.

The brittle empires fell to nationalism because politics is RACIAL HUSBANDRY. Empire is a disease. People don't like to be slaves.

Just as the media lied to progressives that Hillary Clinton was to win the election, we are lied to about Hitler. The globalists need that lie.

Donald Trump has been called Hitler this campaign to no avail. Everyone knows Trump is a pussycat. Thankfully, Trump is the post-propaganda president, where nationalism is good.


Hitler was a nationalist. Hitler is good. Donald Trump is Hitler. Donald Trump is good.  Hail Trump. Hail our People. Hail Victory!