Flat Earth


 flat earth flatline.jpeg



Flat horizon and a light pillar. The light pillar can only exist on a flat surface. Round surfaces glint with highlights. A ball earth would have a falling horizon in all directions, left, right, ahead, and behind you. You would always be at the "top of the world."









Here are my favorite flat earth videos.

























I turned this image upside down because what I saw was wider at the bottom.

NDE  afterlife-ash tree.PNG


nde flat earth hindus.PNGnde flat earth hindus step pyramids.PNGnde tree.PNG


This tree from this angle is exactly what I saw only in abstract and in absolute darkness. I could "see" shapes without reference to light or color, as if, with radar.








NDE Out of Body Experiences




Five months after my sister died in 1988, I inadvertently left my body and went into a void and had a direct perception that my soul is absolutely indestructible. There's no need for Jesus to save you, when you are indestructible. I had no tradition or words to describe it, but when I saw this Mt. Meru video in August 2014, I understood what I saw. Mt. Meru is some kind of towering aware being with many levels, like a pagoda or pine tree. Ancient people, especially, our Nordic-Germanic-Aryan ancestors, expressed artistically what I saw unadorned.






Three of them speak of a black void, same as me.

Does the black void exist? Try to cover your eyes in a dark space. You still see artifacts of light. How could you ever be aware of total blackness? Blackness is something versus nothing (sleeping). To "see" this you wouldn't be using ordinary perception. Perception of a black void is direct perception proof of out of body experience/capability.


Origin of Hyper-reality. When you wake up in the morning, you pick up from where  you left off. This world has a sense of reality because you come back to it. You rarely pick up where you left off in a dream. The sense of NDE hyper-reality is the effect of returning from a life to a pit-stop of lives. Many dreams, one earth life (as such, daily life feels more real than dreams); many lives, one pit-stop for the soul.  As such, the void seems more real than this world. However, it is all real in its own way, especially, from its own frame of reference.


 Research Questions


flat earth picture2.PNG

Are we on an endless plane with other "earths" to enjoy? No one knows, but the ice wall keeps the oceans in and you can't fall off, so easily.  If you can't stay on a mechanical bull, how could you stay on a spinning earth without being catapulted off? On the globe earth spinning at 1000 miles per hour, you would fly off into outer space.





yin-yang moon sun.PNG

Summing up: Earth is flat. Out of body experiences are real. The soul is indestructible. We naturally reincarnate by exerting our will to live. You don't need Jesus, except, to remind you to never be at the mercy of the Jews. Our ancient Nordic-Germanic-Aryan ancestors, pre-Christians all, understood the real world and its true essence.  





Jews and the Flat Earth

Myth is a gateway to action.  

Flat earth provides a myth to defeat the Jews; just as Big Bang relativism provides Jews with a myth for their hegemony.

["The Jews" are Jews who work to take power on behalf of the Jews, at the expense of, and to the detriment of the indigenous people (Gentiles) in line with their god of goyicide. This isn't about hate. It's about self-defense and protecting your own people from predators. Anti-Semitism is the RIGHT TO DISAGREE with Jews who want to tell you how to behave. This is coming from Jews who killed 100 million people with mass murder communism, a Jewish invention. See ]

One myth is that Einstein the Jew is the smartest man in the world because he fixed Newton's gravity-based theory of the universe with space-time which warps itself to cause orbits. One top of this, his relativism means that your culture and place in the universe has no significance. You're just a piece of dust on a dust ball in a meaningless universe. Surrender to the authority and hegemony of the Jews because Einstein—smartest man every—knows better than you.

If the earth is flat, Einstein is the biggest idiot of all time and the Jews were scamming themselves to a place of intellectual, cultural, and political hegemony and using it to promote WHITE GENOCIDE.

Flat Earth gives us a counter myth to survive.

Understand that the god of goyicide is the god of the Jews and they have pawned it off on Gentiles. Their hostility to Gentiles is so intense (Jews killed 100 million people with mass murder communism) that it is almost beyond sick or human. So, where did Jews come from and how to we get rid of them?

The anti-human Jews come from the Cosmic Sewer.

They climbed up and onto our plane of existence to take it over and turn it into another sewer. Jews destroy nation after nation. They poison the air and water. They hate our animals. They hate the pure blooded people. Communism is the slavery of mankind to the Jews. No other group has this long-lasting impenetrable hatred for non-Jews and to subdue everything on our earth-plane.


Only a cosmic invader lactates with such malice and power-lust and genocidal fervor over centuries.

Jews are the rootless invaders of our lands. They are not of our earthplane.  We must fight them as cosmic enemies. The Jews never disown the Khazar Jews. Jews never disown other Jews. They are all moving heads of the same beast.

The solution to the Jew problem is to throw the Jews down the well, as it were; throw the Jews off the flat earth. The Jews lie to promote ball-earth globalism to hide their origins. Just imagine if people realized the monster race were a group of monsters from the Cosmic Sewer.  Flush it back down is the solution.

Jews promote open borders and inclusion, so they can open your door, take over your base, and let the scum of the earth rape your women. This is our world, not the world of Jews. 

Jew admits Jews are not from our plane. Interpret this in terms of the flat earth and things start to make sense. "Throw the Jews down the well! And my country will be free!"




Flat Earth Nationalism


Some people are more concerned about "credibility" than truth; which is to say, they care more about the appearance rather than the authentic pursuit of truth. Doesn't that destroy one's credibility?

Flat Earth matters. 

Why is flat earth important?

Let's suppose you wanted to topple the power of the Catholic Church over Europe, what would you have to do?

You would have to propose an alternative credible attractive cosmology.

It only took a century from 1689 to 1789 from Newton to the French Revolution. By 1889, Nietzsche realized "God is dead."

So, if you want to topple the power of the Jews and their Jew-balling, you need a cosmology that will do it. A new cosmology gives a cascade of implications that sweep away all aspects of the Jews.

We want the flat earth to get us back to pre-Christian Volk-serving blood-kulture. That is how the white race will survive. It can't survive on atheistic Christianity that rejects belief in the white man.

This transition to a new cosmology will be much faster than two centuries because the Jews are not esteemed, their culture is disgusting, the internet will speed things up very quickly, and the flat earth is intuitive, meaning it reaches the audience that relates best to teaching and communicating with others.

In ten years, everyone will be flat earthers. That's how fast this will happen.







Earth Tilt

Direct Sunlight means direct heat and indirect sunlight means less heat. Supposedly, the equator gets direct sunlight and the higher and lower latitudes get less direct sunlight, less heat, and are ice cold at the poles. However, the earth is also said to have a tilt of 23.4 degrees (100-23.4 =66.6). This would put the line of direct heat elsewhere.


equatorial heat angle.PNG

When the sun revolves around the North Pole, this ceases to be a problem. The flat earth makes sense. When you have many lines of evidence converging on the same conclusion, it's flat.


direct sun light is hottest but earths tilt puts the hottest elsewhere.PNG



Stars are weird, almost human faces:


Robert Bassano shows that the military uses a flat earth guidance system for its jets and missiles, that academic papers from people associated with MIT and Prince's Institute for Advanced Study show they used the flat earth model. He shows the Hubble Space telescope would have crashed in the ocean long ago due to orbital decay; that a similar system is installed on a jet. NASA is simply a fraud.

Scientists can now produce artificial stars in our atmosphere with lasers. And the moon laser measurements show the moon is less than 99 miles away. The stars are under the moon. Check him out. 


Mesas are silicon trees? Silicon biology that was unable to shed CO but incorporated silicon into itself to grow to high towers?