What is it mean to be German?


Germans need a solid definition of what it is to be German as a matter of self-preservation, self-esteem, and racial honor. This definition will give them a conscious North Star to their existence and a robust will to live. Germans need a personal and collective sense of identity, (unadulterated by the allies of communism who want to define the German out of existence), to build mutual aid across the world among Germans; the unity and collective security essential to their survival.

Germans are the UNRULY, kin-serving Europeans who treasure blood, beauty, brilliance.


Germans are the UNRULY race.


Whatever race that can hold Central Europe from the Vikings, Russians, Poles, Huns, Mongols, Muslims, French, British, and Americans, and Romans will be bred to be UNRULY.  If they weren't unruly, their blood would be swept from the land and they would be replaced by other people. Compare Germans to the blond-haired blue-eyed Ancient Greeks who are now biologically gone. 


Blood and Soil captures the biological German and his UNRULY spirit, born of holding central Europe against all invaders, regimes, and perverted cultural corruptions.  

Blood, beauty, Brilliance.

These are good things. 

Let's apply a little logic. 

Germans are good. Slavery is evil.

Communism is the slavery of mankind to the Jews.

Germans are good—they were right to fight Jews and their slavery.

Jews, being evil, want you to think Germans are evil and Hitler the most evil.

Hitler was good. Hitler fought the Jews. Hitler was right.

Hitler fought slavery. Slavery is evil. Hitler fought evil.

White Jews (American and British morons) ignore that communism killed 100 million people. They destroyed Europe to save Stalin and communism—even with their atrocity against Europe—communism still collapsed. Hitler was right. 


The Bolshevik Fumigation was righteous act of German self-preservation. 

You see how powerful the self-preservation axiom is. It is revolutionary. Germans are UNRULY.

The most important thing for Germans to do is to defend their existence, their honor, their self-perception. 

Hitler didn't invade Poland and start WWII.

Germans and Germans lands were put under Polish authority by "allies" who wanted to trigger WWII. Once the Poles had Germans under their control they began to ethnically cleanse them, killing 50,000 German civilians. Compare that to 50,000 US soldiers in Vietnam.

Hitler evicted Poland from German soil. He had to otherwise more Germans would have been killed.  See Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told. 

Hitler was right about the Jews stabbing Germany in the back.

Hitler was right about fighting communism. He collapsed anyways.

Hitler was right about how the Jews use perversions to ruin indigenous European blood and purity. We can all see how the Jews turn boys into girls and girls into boys so they do not reproduce. This is biological warfare; race war byc cultural means instead of outright slaughter. We can see the seeding of Germany with non-white Turks, African, and Syrian rapists.  

Now more than ever, Germans need to be race-wise, righteously race-wise. And Americans of German descent must do everything they can to save Germany and their blood brothers. We must get the genocidal US occupation government off German throats. Germans are good. Killing them is evil.





Germans are the UNRULY race.

Whatever race that can hold Central Europe from the Vikings, Russians, Poles, Huns, Mongols, Muslims, French, British, and Americans, and Romans will be bred to be UNRULY.  

Arminius was UNRULY.

Hitler represented the UNRULY force in nature.

Jews want to rule the world. They want each Jew to have 1000 Gentile slaves.

By nature, there is cosmic battle between Germans versus the Jews—Germans must win and they are more than likely to win. Jews are invaders and infiltrators. Right is not on their side. They are outnumbered. They control the positions of power, but there is no cosmic law that says we must respect their control. We can suspend all laws to reclaim what is ours and drive the biological threat to our existence our of our societies. We must and we will. 
Germans have their own natural Samson Option.

If they die, the world goes with them. Hitler was right on this count.

Without a strong Germany, Americans can see their boys turning to girls and their girls turning to boys. It only took 70 years. In less than 30 years, the US will be extinct. 

Your children or the Jews. 

By nature Americans choose the Jews. Their Hitler-hate is their suicide pill. Hopefully, Germans will survive long enough while the allies of communism go extinct, such that, Germans will be able to fight off the Jews without cucks and white Jews interfering and objecting. Anglos are Jew-servile. German-speaking nations have booted the Jews out 40 times. English-speaking nations have booted the Jews twice.  This is a strong 1500 years of data that shows that Anglos and Germans are two different races. Some races want to be slaves to the Jews and Jesus. Others reject that.


A race is an inbreeding group due to geographic isolation.

A nation is an inbreeding group due to cultural conviction.

Whatever race-nation that could hold central Europe would have to treasure the blood and soil.  They would be the greatest warriors. They would be the best organized and most resilient. They would be the survivors. Jews are not survivors. They came along some 4000 or less years ago, but on their own soil, Germans go back 40,000 years. 

Wagner had his thoughts on what is deutsche. I was not satisfied with his thoughts. You will find that the conception of the German as an UNRULY kin-serving (duty) European that treasures blood, beauty, and brilliance will capture the vast majority of German history. Nothing but outside subversion and corruptions have threatened the German people. 

It is my wish that all Germans come to know themselves and their history and unite. Germans of the world UNITE for your self preservation. Use the words that I give you and use the words to save yourselves.  

Indeed, Richard Wagner understood the essence of the Jew. The Jew is a half-breed genocidal maniac. Jews hate racial purity. Only white parents can make white babies. It is simple biology. However, with Jews, anything birthed by a Jew is a Jew. Jews claim race is a social construct. The truth is by his own making, the Jew is a social construct.  “I hold the Jewish race to be the born enemy of pure humanity and everything noble in it,” said the immortal Wagner.