Particle Physics Explained INTUITIVELY 


What is the most downloaded app in history? The human breast. The design is full-proof. A baby knows on-off, plug and play, turn the head or don’t. That's intuitive design. You can't go wrong.

Let me teach you particle physics intuitively.  

When we have iron filings falling about a magnet, we get a pattern like this: 



magnetic field2a.PNG


The iron filings fall along the field lines to get a field-pattern.

The falling iron fillings are kinetic energy. The magnetic field directs the energy along the field lines.  

A field directs energy. 

The energy reveals the field.


Let’s add a tube.





When we drop filings down the tube, the tube directs the energy to a bulls-eye.

So, we can have a tube or no tube, a restricted-path or field-directed pattern.

The tube restricted path gives us the bulls-eye. Without the tube, we get the field pattern. 

The field pattern is the default pattern.

A corollary observation is this: if we get a bulls-eye, we had a restricted situation. If we have a field pattern, we had an unrestricted situation. 



Let's talk about the single-slit and double-slit experiments.  At the quantum level, the detector is the magnet, so we can apply what we learned, so far. 

Let’s go to the single-slit experiment. As a hint, it is like pouring iron filings down a tube. The path is restricted to only one slit, "one tube." As you might expect, we get a bulls-eye pattern. 




In the double-slit experiment, the path is unrestricted. The entity can pass through either slit, and experimentally, you get a field-lines pattern—just as we saw with the magnet— without the tube.

double slit field pattern2.PNG

With two-slits open, you get many field lines, not just two. In the one-slit, you get one and only one bulls-eye that matches the single slit. The field pattern tells us that the double-slit is an unrestricted condition.



Now, what do these experimental results tell us about what is passing through the slits? We are dealing with a field-concentrate.



The Primer Fields by David Lapoint depicts the field-concentrate.



We know a field has to be involved to get field lines, and some kind of concentrate (particle) is involved to be detected to give us a field or bulls-eye pattern—and some condition (restricted or unrestricted, tube or no tube) determines which effect we get.

Field. Concentrate. Condition.

Because the field extends beyond the concentrate, the field-concentrate can respond to restricted or unrestricted conditions instantaneously. Any change in field-conditions happen within and to the field which, instantly, adjusts the path of the field-concentrate. The field and particle-response to conditions happens because the field is pervasive and extends indefinitely with instant feedback on the concentrate. The experiment exists within the field. The field and its concentrate do not exist narrowly within the experiment.  The experiment exists within the field, and its concentrate exists within the experimental apparatus.

The particle doesn't know what is going on. The field does and the field directs the energy instantaneously according to the latest, i.e, current, conditions. That accounts for faster-than-light communication. The field-response is faster than light, while the particle moves at standard light speed. The field, having no mass, exceeds the speed of light as it directs energy.

You can conclude this—or fantasize about parallel universes made out of empty probability-functions deciding to laugh at you.


detector shot2.PNG

In this image, we see a detector monitoring the upper slit. We also see two bulls-eyes. This pattern tells us the situation is restricted. The detector acts like a tube, or insulator, on the field and concentrates fired through the slits go bulls-eye.


In a delayed-choice experiment, the initial condition is changed. If the detector is removed or turned off at the last second, the concentrate reverts to the default field path and a field pattern is produced:

detector off2.PNG

In this image, the detector and its restricted condition is turned off after the concentrates pass through the slits. The field-concentrate instantly reverts to its default field-path and is directed into a field pattern. Easy right!

This works even for entangled photons where the secondary photons have a detector on. The primary photons will bulls-eye. The primary set entangled with a secondary set under detection give it a restricted state. Bulls-eye!  



Summing up:

Matter, we can infer at its basic level, is some type of field concentrating and directing the energy it contains. Field-concentrates fall into a field pattern; unless restricted to get the bulls-eye, as in, the single-slit or detector-on set up. 

The field instantly responds to the restricted or unrestricted experimental conditions, however they may change, by directing its field-concentrate, appropriately, with the default being for the field to direct its field-concentrate on its unrestricted field-path, just as unrestricted iron filings will follow a magnet's field lines.

We can make the analogy because at the quantum level, the detector's electromagnetic influences make a difference on quantum particles, just as a magnet can influence iron filings. If this premise can stand, then this interpretation stands. It certainly has the merits of being intuitive and easy to understand. 

The tube and single-slit give you a bull’s-eye because they restrict particle-path. Without that restriction, you get a field-pattern.

There is nothing hard to understand about particle physics once you know that the basic building block of reality is the field-concentrate. 

The field-concentrate is not, strictly, a particle or a wave, as described in half-ass particle physics. When physicists insist on a particle or wave they cannot explain the experiment and make it confusing and incomprehensible. Our world is built of field-concentrates. That's what the experiments prove.  The world is not made out of billiards balls (garlic). It is made out of field-concentrates (onions). At the human scale, magnetism proves that fields are real with real effects; at the quantum level, field patterns prove that fields are the building blocks that build the world and have instantaneous influence on the energy they direct. 

Knowledge gained by particle physics experiments must be taken as feedback upon our conception of the entities involved. Failure to revise our conception of the basic building blocks, in light of experimental feedback, is deplorable half-assed science. We need to go full-circle and once we do, we can understand what is going on because we know the what.




Because the field provides a path for its concentrate that moves at the speed of light, the field must extend very far away from its concentrate to assure it has a path to follow; and it reacts to changes in conditions instantaneously to keep the concentrate on track depending on conditions. Upon its concentrate, field-feedback is instantaneous because it is continuous.




By this we can infer, that the double-slit experiment exists within the field, while the concentrate (electron or photon) exist within the experimental apparatus. There is nothing weird about quantum mechanics when you have the right starting block and concepts. Quantum mechanics is about field-concentrates, not particles alone, not waves alone, not probabilities that one will turn into the other.




As you can see, matter is not a particle or a wave, but a field concentrating energy into a nucleus.  In an unrestricted experiment, the field creates the path for the energy to flow. In a restricted environment, the experiment creates the path. Because the field extends far beyond its concentrate, its responsiveness is instantaneous.  

In the delayed-choice experiment the initial conditions are reversed at the last second. The results (bulls-eye or field-lines) tell you, if the last condition was restricted or unrestricted.

The field-path is default natural path. When it is artificially restricted, you get a bulls-eye. If  the restriction is turned off, it reverts to the field path and you get field lines. If you start out unrestricted, but turn on the restriction, you’ll the bulls-eye. The results tell you the last condition.

The results reveal the final conditions of the experiment; only a field concentrating energy into a nucleus that adjusts its path to conditions could do that. We are not dealing with a brainless particles or magical waves in theoretical or probabilistic isolation.

The field concentrating energy is real at all times. The field-path for the energy to flow exists at all times. Its default path is along the field path and its lines. Only unrestricted environments reveal the field—when there is sufficient energy or iron filings to reveal it. Fields are real and are the basic constituent of reality. As with the magnet, energy reveals the fields, which means they are there and real, and even antecedent to the energy they condense, which is why we can’t see them, but we can prove they are there. The fields exist before the energy they direct. This has to be so. Energy flows into and out of fields.




Remember the field-concentrate is the essential structure of material reality, not marbles or garlic or billiards;  not waves; not probabilities. The field is non-material, invisible, influential, pervasive, and real; only energy reveals the field as the field directs it.

Particle-field physics is not billiard-physics. That is the key to getting over quantum weirdness. Classical physics (marble-physics) has to be an expression of particle-field physics; quantum physics is not an expression of marble-physics. The video below is stuck on that fallacy and does not explain things intuitively. They think they interest you with "weirdness" and "strangeness" when that only confuses the student and shows they don't know what they are talking about themselves—and that they haven't learned from experiments to give a sensible intuitive understanding of nature—which is what the student really wants.

We cannot ask the quantum world to act like marbles, when it is composed of field-concentrates.


Here is another example of not thinking outside the box of particles and waves and probability functions. You know, particle physicists are supposed to be some of the smartest people around. 


Fields explain “spooky” action at a distance. There is no distance. The entity, the field-particle concentrate is the universe—it exists in a pervasive state and has instantaneous influence on its field-path for its concentrate.

This “knowledge” of changes in conditions passes through the field instantaneously. There is no space. There is the field and its paths. This is how you get “quantum entanglement,” and the buzz words "wave-particle duality," probabilities of "wave collapse" into a particle. Even Lewis Little's theory of Elementary Waves becomes moot, even wrong, because it has the wrong building block.




Fields direct energy. They give it a path to for energy to flow. Fields are the aether. You don't need artificial space-time as a stand-in for real fields.

Just as nature has water flow through a riverbed, a man-made canal can direct it elsewhere.  

The experiments of dropping fillings or shooting entities through slit(s) are virtually the same in concept, but physicists have made it a pain in the ass to understand, either because they are stupid or because they want to play games with the public mind.

By not using the information gained from these experiments to re-conceive the basics of our world, they do us a disservice. 

Fields are the basic constituents of nature; energy flows through them to create the concentrated world of matter. This is the only explanation and interpretation that makes sense.

We do not live in a billiard-ball universe. Billiard ball physics only applies to billiards and canon balls. Field-particle physics applies to field-particles. That's what's needed. Use the experiment as feedback on the building block we are studying. That's thinking outside the box of particle, wave, and split-probabilities[!] traveling through an experiment.

We shouldn't shoe-horn the field-particle into particle or wave. There is no wave. We aren't dealing with waves. This isn't water. We have fields and electromagnetic entities and their field patterns.

There is a field and the energy it concentrates and directs, unless restricted by the experimental conditions. Once you understand that, everything makes sense; it’s all real. You aren’t reduced to fantasies or false-choices or paradoxes.

Only a new conception of the building block can overcome all of it. The field-concentrate does that.






If the field-concentrate is not adopted by physics, we will be trapped in outmoded false choices and be reduced to mad notions: that reality is an illusion, that we live in a computer game (Elon Musk/Mark Sergeant), or a virtual-reality torture chamber. 

As with Big Bang and helio-centrism, which caused a series of demotions of man, conventional particle physics gives us the worst possible demotion, that we aren't real, that all is an illusion, and that nothing matters, not even the quest for meaning. 

This vision means we doomed; nothing matters because life is just a stage anyways. This is how particle physics becomes defeatist solipsism perpetuating nihilism, instead of, enlightenment and empowerment.

Like Big Bang physics, Jewish particle physics reduces our cause and meaning on earth. It is also laden with fraud notions and Nobles for Jews that have no justification. Wolfgang Pauli shouldn't have won a Noble Prize for neutrinos.  Neutrinos don't exist. They are a mathematical fudge factor. Unless the Nobel Committee is giving out Nobels for fudge that is. Like NASA, CERN is a toxic boondoggle that erodes rational culture.

Once we drop Jewish physics, and even ban Jews from physics, we can see the world again. 

How do we get back to reality?

At the very least, if reality is an illusion, it’s a real illusion.

There is no collapse of possibilities into reality. The field-concentrates are real, always real, and responsive to the conditions and any change of conditions, instantaneously, because the experiment and its concentrate exists within the field. The observer doesn't create reality. The observer creates restricted conditions to produce a bulls-eye. These conditions  are real. The observer is real. The field concentrate and is response is real and obeys causality. Restrict conditions causes a bulls-eye. Unrestricted conditions causes a field-pattern.

Causality and Identity stand.



I use the term field path theory for this approach to particle physics, which itself may have to be renamed particle-field physics or field-concentrate physics to separate itself. Here are the basic principles:


q The world is real.

q  Field advances before its particle to provide and direct a field path, unless there is a directed-path that overrides the field.

q  There is no choice involved. There is just a condition of restricted or unrestricted producing bulls-eye or field line patterns.

q  Fields are real. Their feedback influence is real. Conception of matter is not particle or wave, but a instantaneously responsive “field-concentrate.”

q  Interpretation is local, causal, and realistic where the field defines the local.

q  A field exists well beyond its concentrate. We cannot see fields, except, by the energy they direct.

q Double-slit experiment proves the existence of instant field “feedback” on its concentrate.

q  The particle and wave is not “inside” the experiment.

q The experiment is inside the field. 

q The field knows the total current conditions and any changes.

q There is no space. There are field paths.  The field and its paths are the aeather.

q There is nothing in particle physics that refutes this interpretation. 

q  You are in Kansas. Your field is everywhere (Paris-NYC) to some degree. 1/x^2

 hula hoop.jpg


Here is a final quote:

Any explanation of what goes on in a specific individual observation of one photon has to take into account the whole experimental apparatus of the complete quantum state consisting of both photons, and it can only make sense after all information concerning complementary variables has been recorded. Our results demonstrate that the viewpoint that the system photon behaves either definitely as a wave or definitely as a particle would require faster-than-light communication. Because this would be in strong tension with the special theory of relativity, we believe that such a viewpoint should be given up entirely.[24]


What this means is that if you want to hold to the speed of light, you can't hold to a particle or wave, and relatively is over. If you accept instantaneous feedback, you can have a concentrate acting within the field that concentrates it and directs it with instantaneous feedback.


Wheeler's delayed slit experiment proves instantaneous feedback on the particle. The explanation is wrong-headed, but you can understand it. First 20 mins: