Destroying the Peter Heresy with the Alinsky Strategy


The Alinsky strategy is to get a system to live up to its claims, promises, or ideals.

Christians claim to follow Jesus. In truth, they follow Peter and Paul.

Jesus didn't want Gentiles to be Christians. He didn't want Gentiles converting Gentiles. It was Peter who said, "through MY mouth the Gentiles will hear the Gospels."

Jesus was focused on the Jews and only the Jews. He wanted to destroy these vipers. Jews teach themselves two fangs: that they are god's gift to the world and that the Gentiles are their slaves.

Jesus addressed both fangs. "The first (Jews) shall be last and the last (Gentiles) shall be first;" and he told Jews to love the enemy (Gentiles), do not resist evil, and that "if pressed into service for one mile, offer two."

Without this context of Jews and only Jews, the notion that the first shall be last is nihilism—an assault of quality, beauty, health, intelligence, prosperity. Why should good qualities be the subject of punishment? It is absurd.

This absurdity disappears when we understand that it is a response to the notion that Jews are an arrogant (self-) chosen people self-righteously enslaving the world. This is one merit of the Jew-only thesis.

Jesus forwards two claims that perfectly fit and destroy two-fanged Judaism (us-them and master-slave) with the direct opposition message: Gentiles are first and Jews are slaves.  

He wants Jews and only Jews to accept the posture of slaves because that is who he is addressing. 



By accepting Gentiles, Peter taught the Gentiles the foolishness of loving their enemies and being meek. The poison designed to destroy the Jews was deflected onto the Gentiles.

Christians must accept the Jesus that they claim to believe in, instead of, the crap from Jews Peter and Paul. "Mr. Gentile, Jesus didn't offer Gentiles anything. If you accept Jesus, why can't you accept that?"

The Pedro-philia of Christians must be wiped out because it is suicidal foolishness and Cultural Marxism.

"When you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female...then will you enter the kingdom."

(22) Gospel of Thomas

Jesus was trying to screw the Jews over. His techniques were used by Peter and Paul to ruin the goy.

You need to teach Gentiles to always remember the audience that Jesus is addressing. Once you understand his audience is Jews and only Jews, and that he says so, then he comes across as the greatest anti-Jew in history. People can't handle that. It's not that Jews killed Jesus, but that Jesus existed to destroy the Jews.

“Brother (Jew) will hand over brother (Jew) to death, (Jew) father his (Jew) child; (Jew) children will rise up against their (Jew) parents and have them put to death.”

Jew is implicit or understood if you remember his audience. Most forget his audience and can't comprehend what he is doing.



I'm glad I'm not the only one with this view, though it was new to me, first by my own thinking:



Peter's Heresy


The Good News of Jesus is that he didn't want you (Gentiles) to be Christian


Christianity is for Jews-only

Thanks to Jews and those who accept the Peter Heresy—which means all Christians denominations—young men in America have two choices: belly-flop on grenades for Israel or cut your dicks off.

The good news is that Christianity is not meant for Gentiles.


"I came only for the lost house of Israel;" implying the rest of us are not lost. Jews are. (Matthew 15:24) 

By the texts of Acts and Matthew, it is clear that Jesus wanted to Christianize Jews and only Jews. It is understood, but not explicitly stated in every single sentence, that Jews and only Jews are his audience (unless otherwise stated).

The gullible mind fails to keep this in mind, and loses the intent, message, and mission of Jesus.

"Through MY mouth Gentiles will hear the Gospels," says Peter in Acts. Peter intends to Christianize Gentiles, not Jesus, who did not pursue Gentiles.

"You (Jews) will look for me," but will not find me, says Jesus. And the Jews say,"where is he going? Surely, he is not going to the Jews among the Greeks to teach the Greeks, is he?" (John 7: 34-36)   

This is just one of many giveaways of the Jews-only thesis of Christianity.

Jesus did not want Gentiles to be Christian, and he did not want Gentiles Christianizing other Gentiles. The whole evangelical movement should be directed upon Jews, not Gentiles, if one cares to pay attention to Jesus. 

Jesus rarely speaks to Gentiles, and when he does, he is obscure (as with Pilate) or dismissive. Jesus says Gentiles are prone to worship what they do not understand. This includes Christianity itself.

"You [Gentiles] worship what [Christianity] you do not understand." (John 4:22)

Jesus had a message that fit Jews and only Jews. Christianity is like women's bra and underwear, and foolish Gentile men are quick to put it on.


Among Gentiles, who had strong traditions of reincarnation and the indestructibility of the soul, there is no need for the meat-hook of salvation through Jesus. It's a given. Gentiles reincarnate in new bodies over the eons. Jews are materialistic. What appeals to them is the resurrection of the exact same worm-eaten corpse. Jews are turned on by the stench of Lazarus walking out of the crypt. Jesus tailors his conception of resurrection to the Jewish psyche—or should we say—nose. 

Jews have something wrong with them and are in need of Christianity.


 Initiatory versus Retaliatory Christianity


Jesus tailors his message, specifically and uniquely, to the vile and reprobate nature of Jews. Jews are half-breed genocidal maniacs—nation-wreckers. Jesus tried to tame them. Note how Jews like to say, "Palestinians are not a people," defining them right out of existence; whereas my definition of the Jews is a crucifixion. Jews are a biological group of self-righteous half-breeds out to destroy all pure blood races.

Jews have an us-them mentality, jews versus goy, masters versus slaves.

Bluntly, Jews teach that they are god's gift to the world and that Gentiles are their slaves. No other group teaches that the "chosen" get to make slaves out of the "unchosen."

If Jews believe in Judaism, Jesus believed in kill-the-Judaism.

Gentiles have nothing to do with this.

Gentiles like to know the truth 1,2,3 and to reveal it; Jews like to cover truth up, especially truth about their perverted crimes, with ghastly verbiage and run-arounds to keep truth secret and concealed.

Gentiles are simple and straight-forward and like things simple and straight-forward. 

Like Muslims, Jews are two-faced. They have one face for themselves and another for their slaves. Jews want you to think they believe in equality, but in truth, they are the most bigoted hegemonic psychopaths on earth. Jews have slaughtered 100 million people in the last 100 years using mass murder communism. That's what they think about your equality. Communism is the slavery of mankind to the Jews. Jesus told you they were a den of vipers. Only if you understand Jesus correctly can you destroy Jews as a matter of self-preservation. Jesus hoped to destroy them from the inside out. 

Jesus wanted to horsewhip the Jews into submission to the opposite conception. The first shall be last (Jews), and the last shall be first (Gentiles). He said that if "pressed into service" for one mile (Jews) should offer two.

Jews should "render unto the Kaiser (Caesar) what is the Kaiser's (Caesar's)."

As good Christians, Jews should "render unto Hitler what is Hitler's." Jesus compels Jews to love Hitler—their enemy. That is the glory of Jesus Christ!

Jews should "Turn the other cheek." 

"Do not resist evil."

Jews deserve these words, not Gentiles. Why do they deserve Christianity?



How do we know Jesus came for Jews and only Jews? He said so. "I come only for the lost house of Israel." 

Who is Israel?

Before the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus goes from "synagogue to synagogue" to round up Jews to hear him speak. Only Jews have synagogues. Israel means the Jews and Jews are Israel. Jesus is coming to get the Jews and only the Jews. Jews get the whoop-ass.

Jesus notes that loving your neighbor and hating your enemies is the pagan thing to do. He teaches Jews the opposite. Love your enemies. "If you greet your brothers only, what is unusual about that? Do not the pagans do the same?" He is addressing Jews qua Jews.

Jesus is not addressing the pagans, i.e., Gentiles.

Jesus tells Jews to "forgive debts." Who are the banksters? Jews. No bailouts for Jews. Forgive your debts. Swallow your losses.

He tells the grubby materialistic Jews, "you cannot serve god and money." He tells Jews, "do not worry about your life," or what you will eat, or your body, or your clothes. Pagans do that. Pagans worry about health and beauty and strength. Don't worry about your future. Let the pagans worry about the future. (Matthew 6: 24-34)

A pagan woman who begs for help for her daughter goes to Jesus and he, effectively, tells her to piss off, with a cold shoulder.  "He did not say a word to her."  Even his (Jew) disciples asked Jesus to "send her away." Jesus admits for all Gentiles who have ears to listen, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." (Matthew 15:15)

The preponderance of textual evidence shows that Jesus came for Jews and only Jews and that Christianity was a Jew-only club. This means his message was for Jews and only Jews. 

As you know, Jesus said that Peter would betray him. And he does.

After Jesus is dead, he pours water for Gentiles, which astounds the Jews, the "circumcised believers." (Acts 10: 45).

"Through MY mouth Gentiles will hear the Gospels." (Acts 15:8).

Peter also claims that, "God shows no partiality." (Acts 10: 34) Then, why send Jesus only to the lost house of Israel? "Every nation who fears [god] and acts uprightly is acceptable to him." Then why Christianize them? Why not leave pagans alone? Why did Charlemagne have to kill Saxon pagans, if Germans were acceptable to God, just as they were, in their own way? And likewise for indigenous tribes across the world?

The contradictions of the Peter Heresy pile up fast.


 We also see in Acts that communism is from the Jews and for the Jews only. "Jews who believed held all things in common. They would sell their property and divide the loot among all "according to each one's need." (Acts 2: 43-44)

If communism is for the Jews and only the Jews, then 100 million people wouldn't have been slaughtered by Jewish communism in the last 100 years. You can see how critical it is that Gentiles are aware of the Peter Heresy. It's a matter of life and death.   

What more do you need to get it?

Jesus said he came for Jews and only Jews. Peter would betray him. Peter twists Christianity from a Jews-only club to a globalist club that unleashes devastating Christian foolishness on Gentiles. Today, we see Pope Francis standing naked as millions of Muslim rapists pour into Europe. All he can say is "love the enemy."   

All Christians today support the Peter Heresy because they all accept Peter and Paul. Peter and Paul disagreed on whether Gentiles should keep kosher and snip the tip to become Christians, but both agreed Gentiles should be used because they had money and were good suckers, whereas Jews increasingly resisted Christianity.

It is likely that the self-serving bullshit of Peter helped re-write or influence the writing of the Gospels to make it more goy-friendly and Peter-friendly. A perfect example is the now questionable words of Jesus. "You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church. I will give you the keys to heaven. Whatever you say goes." (Matthew 16:19)

This, basically, makes Peter god, and is a license for moral relativism.

Did Peter plant these obviously self-serving words in a final betrayal of Jesus? 

The preponderance of the texts sustains a Jews-only thesis. Gentiles should be street smart and abandon the lust to evangelize and destroy Gentiles with the non-sense of Cultural Marxism Jesus designed that was obviously constructed to destroy the Jews.

By getting rid of the non-sense of evangelical Christianity on grounds of Christianity itself, we can abandon the disingenuous conversions and friendships that aim bring people to Jesus.

The air is cleared for authentic friendships that cultivate the race.   



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Reincarnation versus Christianity


Christianity is like nerve gas. You don't want to lather up with it or spray it on your own people. It is God's gift to the Jews for being genocidal maniacs.

Non-Jews had long-standing conceptions of reincarnation and a strong connection to nature itself, while Jews are craven materialists and rapists and despoilers of nature. This biological difference between Gentiles and Jews may account for differences in religious outlooks and we may reasonably posit that the depraved Jews do not reincarnate and posited Jesus as a way to get something beautiful that came naturally to Gentiles.  

Only by obliterating this long-standing knowledge of reincarnation can Christianity sound appealing. Christianity is based on a fear of death. It must instill this fear with such corruptions as, "if God is dead everything is permitted." Really? Walk on water or live without it.

Now, if the soul is naturally indestructible and naturally recycles through our world, then Christianity is redundant—simply expensive bottled water, when in fact, rainwater is free. At worst, Christianity is genocidal and suicidal—genocidal towards ancient European wisdom cultures and suicidal towards the existence of Swedes and Germans, and northern Europeans, who can't protect their girls from jihad rape.

We must get over Christianity by putting it in its place. Jesus didn't want us to be Christians, and we have our own tradition of reincarnation that has a sound basis.

How do we know reincarnation is real?

1.  Certain individuals have direct unexpected experiences leaving their body. If you can leave the body and see it from outside itself, that validates, for oneself, the basic principle of separating from (or attaching to) physical or biological bodies.   

2.  Consciousness is some type of field. Fields direct energy. You can only see a magnetic field by the energy it directs.  When iron filings fall on a magnet covered by white paper, we can say that the potential energy of the iron filings becomes kinetic energy and the magnetic fields direct the energy along its field lines. Fields direct energy.  Electricity produces magnetic fields and moving magnetic fields can induce electricity. We know the body produces electrical activity in the heart and brain. Some type of field is produced or attracted to this electrical activity. Per Luca Turin, anesthetic gases dissolve the electron clouds on brain neurons the way dish detergent dissolves a grease ball causing the lost of consciousness. This establishes a direct connection between the form of electrical activity and (field?) state of consciousness.  What came first field or what it condenses (energy into matter)? Fields first.

3.  The hard problem of consciousness is solved by affirming that consciousness is a field.


4. The onion world view can account for the action-at-a-distance and entanglement problem of quantum physics. The atom world view is insufficient to deal with physics. You are not just in NYC; your field is everywhere, including Australia. You can pick up faint information or energy from everywhere. Fields go through walls, expand, contract, are indestructible, are interconnected, and shape the world around us. The world is built on fields that condense energy. Fields are the lattice of the physical world.   


Indestructible fields provide a reasonable mechanism for natural reincarnation.



Christianity exploits an unnecessary fear of spiritual death and threatened people with physical death, if Europeans didn't submit to it. Christianity is just a nerve gas to destroy the indigenous wisdom-cultures of Europeans and the world, turning Europeans into drones for Jewish world domination. You don't need to wait for an anti-Christ when you know Peter fits the bill. Word. Anti-word.  

Not only did Jesus not want Gentiles to be Christians, but our own knowledge and wisdom-cultures of reincarnation immunize us to Christian exploitation, Cultural Marxism, and feckless sterilizing spiritual suicide. 

1. One can take a table napkin and regard it as the omniscient indestructible field.

2. Put the napkin over your index finger and that is you.

3. Choke off that finger from the rest of the napkin and that is the limited consciousness.

4.  When you die, the choke is released, and you revert to omniscience again.

Very simple.