Society of Blood Germans

The Society of Blood Germans is a social credit society that advances the honor and eternal life of the German people.

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Sugar Germans 

Sugar Germans have been dissolved in superficial American culture and propaganda, have been weakened in spirit and culture, and need renewal.

Once you dry out and see through Anglo-American-Jewish superficiality, you will look for meaning and life, in terms of, the survival of the German people. Empty slogans, like freedom, democracy, and individualism only lead to drugs, decay, decadence, degeneracy, debt, despair, and social isolation.

A worthy live-serving cause averts this—the health and eternal life of the German people.




German History-Honor-Identity

There are three areas where the Society for Blood Germans can help bring meaning back to your life:

1. History matters because if you believe Germans are bad by history, you will avoid identifying as German. This threatens the eternal life of the German people. If, however, the truth is suppressed by war propaganda, then the truth must be revealed and the honor and eternal life of the German people can be vindicated. Our view is that the German people have tremendous cultural upside given the historical facts and their increased understanding across the Western world, which is happening in such radical and influential documentaries as The Greatest Story Never Told from Dennis Wise, Hellstorm from Kyle Hunt and Thomas Goodrich, and Eric Hunt's Hoax Museum.

Jews know the Hoax is a hoax; otherwise they wouldn't criminalize debate. Jews don't believe in the hoax; they want you to so you keep paying their bills. Jews know communism means the slavery of mankind to the Jews. Jews know. They don't want the rest of the world to know because if they did, Hitler would come off as a Hero fighting to stop the enslavement of the world to Jews. The question is do you know, do you want to know, do you want your kids to know so they aren't turned into slaves, fags, and fodder for Jew wars?



2. Understanding the role of Christianity in undermining the German people is very important. At one level, Christianity revels in guilt. The Christian guilt complex is well-suited to take in and enjoy post-war guilt propaganda designed to enslave and destroy the German people in perpetuity.

At another level, we must understand that Jesus did not want Gentiles as followers, nor did he want Gentiles Christianizing Gentile. He came for the Jews and only the Jews. When you realize that from Charlemagne onwards, Christianity has been wrongly used to subvert the German people by instilling a guilt complex and then a gas the Jews complex worth billions to the state of Israel, Britain, and America, you can see that understanding Christianity sets Germans free of both the guilt complex, post-war propaganda, and a resurrection of the Germanic vision of man.

The true religion of the German people is found in what Germans care about most, which is what lasts. Invaders come and go. Money comes and goes. Fads come and go. Nature is absolute and always there, and one's people are always there. Kin-serving action gives meaning to life. Thus, the true religion of the German people is "blood and soil." Germans are a product of defending central Europe from numerous invaders over thousands of years. They are the best warriors in the world because history has bred them to be so.     

3. Germans need a proper definition of who they are. Germans are the UNRULY kin-serving Europeans who treasure blood, beauty, and brilliance. This inductive definition is based on German history, highlights a people who treasure two absolutes, nature and the German people—blood and soil. 




1. We work for the solidarity of people of Germans around the world to sustain Germany and end the spiritual hell of US occupation. (Trump claims to want to pull the US military out of Europe. Great idea!) 

2. We work for the fertility of the German people. We see a reproductive resurgence of the German people through mating clubs, fertility cults, and financial incentives, especially, as Germans shed post-war propaganda and the Christian guilt-complex, Volk-phobia, and Hitler-phobia. German-pride world-wide. It's happening!

Every German woman should have one more child, if she is in her forties, and six children, if she is in her teens and twenties. Have children out of wedlock, if necessary, with the smartest, healthiest, long-lived, best-looking blood German you can. We reward this with Volksmark. Germans need jobs and Volksmark is your money.

3. The Volksmark is an independent medium of exchange independent of any occupational or other government. It cannot collapse, if a government collapses. It is of a fixed quantity and is labor-based issued, primarily, for producing blood German children. The Volksmark is a reward. Institutions that build the German people are critical to the eternal life of the German people. That is our vision and we hope you share it. 

What is the Volksmark worth? Consider that everyone in business wants to sell something. Offer Volksmark. If they accept it, it becomes a natural medium of exchange among the German people. It is better than the Euro, which will collapse once the EU dissolves, as it surely must for Europe to survive. The Volksmark can last a thousand years.




By understanding history objectively, and by understanding Christianity has un-German, we can find our true love, identity, and community. Our compelling message and purpose in resurrecting the German people is worthy of every German's support. A little goes a long way.

Invest in your Volk. Jews invest in Jews and want you to buy their stocks and sub-prime bonds. What's your choice?

We encourage Germans to get out of America's rat wheel economy and spiritual shallowness, and the patriotism that has you belly-flop on grenades for Israel. True patriotism works to get the US off Germany's back. True patriotism spreads historical truth. True patriotism works for the unity and health of the German people. True patriotism protects the blood and borders of Germany.

Connect with your blood-kulture. When everything else fails you, blood remains. All the great men in Germany's future are in your blood and genes now. Let them out! Your strength is the strength of your Volk. As it rises, you rise. If it falls, you fall. This is why the eternal life of the German people is the most important work on earth. What can you do for Germans today? Educate. Connect. Learn. Teach. Lead. Work for the eternal life of the German people. 

We offer the way out to connect with your blood-kulture to add strength and meaning to your life and work for the eternal life of the German people.  



History Vindicates Hitler

We promote the true history of the German people, free of US post-war propaganda. History vindicates Hitler, the SS, Germany's eviction of Jews and Polish forces from traditional German soils, and Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union, which was a preemptive strike against the communist invasion European civilization. (Each of these facts are explained below with links).

Communism wanted to conquer the world, not Hitler. Of course, Russia abandoned Jew-conceived Soviet communism, just as Hitler had foreseen, unfortunately, far too late for the millions of German girls raped by US and Red communist forces. 


British Empire—Enemy of Europe

England has been at war with (China and India), the Dutch Boers, Dutch in America, France, Russia, Sweden, Spain, and Germany. The British empire exists to undermine the survival of continental Europeans in its strategy of balance of power. It works to pit the second strongest power in Europe against the strongest power in Europe, so that Europe is always in turmoil. This is called a balance of power strategy. It is genocidal. Even today, the mass immigration of muds into Europe is a product of Twitter activity coming out of England to invite migrants into Germany to undermine Germany. England is a genocidal state, having annihilated Irish, Boers, Chinese, Kenyans, and Germans. England invented the concentration camp, protects the House of Rothchild, and sheltered Marx. 

Hitler was interested in sufficient farmland to feed the German people and avoid British use of famine as a war weapon, which they used on the Irish and Boers and Germans after WWI. The British have exterminated millions of people by famine, just as Stalin did in Ukraine. The arrogant genocidal British government has never been held to account.   

Britain had an empire upon which the "sun never sets." England already conquered the world. Even if Hitler was out to conquer the world, which he wasn't, there is nothing sacrosanct about disowning world conquest. 

America does it to this day on behalf of Israel and the Jews. Jews want world conquest with Soviet communism and globalism. How does one disown world conquest by conquering and firebombing Germany? Hitler wanted to prevent communist world domination and had no interest in taking the British empire. This is just disingenuous Allied propaganda. War propaganda is British and American hypocrisy writ large. America cannot even honestly invade Iraq in a war for oil. Hitler's Germany meant a strong Europe. That is something the British, Americans, and Soviets, had to destroy. 

Americans think Hitler was out to "conquer the world," and force them to "speak German." Americans want to learn Spanish and Chinese in droves; so what was the point of firebombing and starving millions of Germans? America's superficiality born of its crude gullible id is a favorite button that materialists and vipers push.  

Margaret Thatcher helped start the Gulf War by telling GHW Bush "don't go wobbly." Tony Blair lied America into the Iraq War by affirming the claim of Jew neo-cons and Bush about weapons of mass destruction.




The British collaborated with Jews to get the US to enter WWI to bleed out Germany, and destroy Germany on the butcher block called Versailles Treaty, a treaty signed by a Jews who took over the German government and Jews who represented the allies given that they had war bonds to be repaid to the Jews. Jews assured that Jews would own everything in Germany. This is the stab in the back Hitler referred to.

The British Press considers Hitler the greatest evil. Without that conviction, England would collapse.

Hitler didn't invade Poland

Hitler didn't invade Poland—he evicted Polish domination from traditionally German-populated lands to stop Polish ethnic cleansing and murder of German civilians 50,000 civilians were murdered—more than the number of US soldiers killed in the Korean War. The US, through England, gave Poland war guarantees so that this genocide of the German people would continue unabated. Where German civilians were not under threat of ethnic cleansing, he did not pursue any claims.

The US government starved to death millions of German people after WWII and still has plans to exterminate Germans, known as a policy of WHITE GENOCIDE.

Hitler's pre-emptive strike on the Soviet Union was designed to prevent a Soviet invasion across all of Europe.

America stabbed Germany in the back resulting in the greatest mass rape of German women in history. Thousands of US soldiers raped German women and marketed themselves as the greatest generation. This disgrace is such a savage atrocity that once it becomes widely-known, America will also dissolve. The German people will remain.  

In the long run, and to their credit, Russians abandoned mass murder communism, invented and founded by Jews as noted by Churchill himself. If only they and the West defeated it in 1917.

Without Fortress Europe and the SS, Germany is invaded by millions of rapists from US middle east wars that serve Israel.

Israel and the Jews sponsored terrorism and assassination, having killed McKinkley, Kennedy, Huey Long. If Huey Long won the presidency, FDR could not have started World War II.

History vindicates Hitler. He was against mass murder communism before Ronald Reagan and America. He was right to build Fortress Europe. He was right that racial purity is the basis of Fortress Europe. He was right that Jews are collective danger. September 11th 2001 proves it.  


Blood and Soil

Wars over Christianity have been very damaging to the German people. Charlemagne killed thousands of unarmed Saxon leaders to Christianize Germany. The Thirty-Years war claimed the lives of millions of Germans and devastated the land and people. The notion of guilt is very strong in Christianity and wallowing in real or imagined guilt pleases the Christian mind-set. This is one of the reasons why anti-German war propaganda lasts so long: it serves the foreign forces of parasitical cultural and economic occupation. The destruction of pre-Christian Germanic culture must be noted.  


None of this damage is actually necessary, if one listens directly to Jesus and avoids the trap of the Peter Heresy.

Based strictly on the texts of Matthew and Acts, Jesus is clear and said he came "only for the lost house of Israel." Before the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus goes from "synagogue to synagogue." Only Jews have synagogues. The "house of Israel" refers to Jews and only Jews. Jews and only Jews were his intended audience. Jesus did not want Gentiles becoming Christians and he did not want Gentiles Christianizing Gentiles. He wanted Jews Christianized. If Charlemagne understood this, he wouldn't have killed Gentiles to Christianize them; nor would other Christianizers destroy other indigenous people in the world and their ancient wisdom-cultures.

Germany would not have fallen into wars over Christianity, and today, Germans would not enjoy their guilt-complex. Germany would not be overrun by Third World rapists and Germans would not see fit to "turn the other cheek" and "offer no resistance to evil."

Once you reject the Peter Heresy, you can completely stop Christianity's violence against mankind. Peter denied Christ three times. He denied Christ again by baptizing Gentiles to the astonishment of Jews who thought that Christianity was a Jews-only club. He even said, "through MY mouth Gentiles will hear the Gospels." This means that he understood that Jesus intended to Christianize Jews and only Jews, and because Peter failed to do that, to keep the shekles flowing, he admitted Gentiles. 

Once you understand that, you can appreciate Christianity for what it is worth, an anti-viper message to the Jews. The Jews teach themselves that they are the chosen people and Gentiles are their slaves (picked up by Marx to produce scientific, inevitable, noble experiment communism). Jesus taught the first shall be last (Jews) and the last shall be first (Gentiles). And he taught that if pressed into service for one mile, Jews should offer two. Explicitly, this is a message to Jews and not "pagans." 

Jesus tailored a message that fit Jews. Only Jews see non-Jews across the world as their slaves. This is what makes Jews a global and eternal menace. Jesus hoped to exterminate the Jews in a spiritual gas chamber. Instead, Peter redirected Christianity to Gentiles exterminating them, if they didn't accept Christ.  

Jews teach themselves that they are the chosen people and that Gentiles are their slaves. Jesus taught the exact opposite. Germans should revert to their own cherished values of blood and soil, and remember who they are. 

Germans are the UNRULY kin-serving Europeans who treasure blood, beauty, and brilliance. AMEN.