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What should this region, states with a majority of German-majority countries, be called?

The Schwaben States of America.

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I like to make quality definitions; terse, revealing, and meaningful. 

Compare these with what you see on Wikipedia or the dictionary.

Notice that all man-made objects are known through their extrinsic purpose; while natural things are known by their intrinsic characteristics.

Oxygen is the element of eight protons.

An oxygen tank is a vessel for holding and using oxygen. 

We have to distinguish between "purposive" and "non-purposive" definitions.

For purposive concepts, we have to identify the bio-aim that it serves, such as life, kin, race; that which gives rise to it, gives it proper form and expression, and thus justifies its biological basis.

Paper: Purpose-positing in concept formation 


Civilization is the permanent expression of values conductive to human development.

Western Civilization institutionalizes the selection of excellence in man and method.

Science is the acquisition of knowledge capable of being independently reproduced.


A sub-science is interpretive; it is the attempt to understand non-reproducible events with science in mind. As such, evolution, Big Bang, global warming, economics, anthropology; these are sub-sciences, fads, or frauds wrapping themselves in the flag of science. You can't reproduce them in a lab. Sub-science is loaded term—for good reason.

An applied science can independently reproduce its application; "you can reconstruct this rocket with these instructions." "You can bake this cake with these ingredients this way." 


Fields direct energy. Fields give the universe its structure from atoms to galaxies.

Matter is the concentration and direction of energy by pre-existing fields.

Energy is material under concentration capable of being released; a cascade of concentrated fields concentrating energy.

Energy flows reveal fields.

The energy flow is the flow of fields that compact energy. If the field were removed, the energy would "explode, " e.g., supernova.  Fields direct, organize, and structure the energy. The difference between matter and energy is structure. Matter is structured energy. Energy is matter losing its structure.

Action-at-a-distance is the illusion of the impact of invisible fields.  The stick-in- water for particle physicists.

Ether is the totality of independent and pre-existing fields that give the universe its structure.



Duty is kin-serving action.

Race is an inbreeding group due to geographic isolation.

Nation is a inbreeding group due to conscious conviction; spawned by contact with competing, rather than cooperating, groups. 

Fascism is national renewal.

Politics is racial husbandry.

History is the history of race war.

Communism is the slavery of mankind to the Jews.

Nazism was the German slave revolt against communism and the Jews.

Germans are the UNRULY kin-serving nation that cherishes Aryan Appeal.


Americans are Jew-servile pawns of ZOG. 

Europeans and Jews are in a race war; blacks (and all non-whites) are caught in the middle.



Beauty is the harmony of elements; a congruence of the healthy mind in the healthy body; a congruence of vitality, symmetry, and proportion commanding attention  

Justice is a beautiful peace.

Art beautifies the race and cultivates its racial vitality 

Myth is a gateway to action.

Religion is the pageant of race-serving myths 

Irony is amusement at the counter-intuitive.

Humor (wry variety) an insult wrapped in a compliment

Femininity is the cultivation of curvature

Masculinity is the restraint on cruelty

Marriage is the crucible for racial rejuvenation

Tragedy is the affliction of ignorance that stalks and crashes your aims despite your best efforts; the lapse of knowledge that costs you the war.

Tragedy is the reason for strategy— to know and anticipate the obstacles to goal achievement; to spot and counter surprises that thwart your existence. To succeed despite our state of tragedy is to be the hero.


Strategy is the identification and exploitation of the decisive factor in a competitive engagement after all other factors cancel each other out.

Tactic is a technique employed in service to a strategy.


Intelligence is the power to take or "see" a perspective

Free will is the power to select a perspective (if you can't see it, you can't select it.)

Furniture is any free-standing free-moving object designed to elevate man and his values off the floor.

Money is anything the state accepts to pay taxes; thereby becoming the homogeneous medium of exchange.

Capital is any heterogeneous unit of rights to specific property or cash flows.

Usury is taxes on taxes to pay state debts; inevitably bankrupts and enslaves nations.

Life is marked by the fact that it is alive and can die, not that it must.

Charisma the effect produced in us when we see someone with an attractive positive factor that dominates and obliterates the significance of a minor deficit. e.g. Arnold Schwarzenegger's physique and personality obliterated the significance of his accent. 

Procrastination is being trapped in looping behaviors, such as playing another video, video game, song, or eating another cookie; in contrast to discrete behaviors, such as baking a turkey, mowing the lawn, or cutting down a tree. 

Wavetangle calculating the area of which, requires a new way to count, i.e., calculus.



Flat Earth



Particle Physics explained INTUITIVELY